Romano Buffagni

Take me

Isn't it?

It's art! A statement on modern society, 'Oh Ain't Modern Society Awful?'! I hate yogurt. It's just stuff with bits in. Did I mention we have comfy chairs?

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Client:LTP AGency
Date:Novembre 17, 2016

You, a bobsleder!? That I’d like to see! No! Don’t jump! There’s one way and only one way to determine if an animal is intelligent. Dissect its brain! Bender! Ship! Stop bickering or I’m going to come back there and change your opinions manually! You know when grown-ups tell you ‘everything’s going to be fine’ and you think they’re probably lying to make you feel better? Heh-haa! Super squeaky bum time! All I’ve got to do is pass as an ordinary human being. Simple. What could possibly go wrong?